Bomadex company based in Bytom
comprehensive services in the field of ritual slaughter of poultry


Pierś z kurczaka na stolnicy


The Bomadex company has been operating since 2015. Our Ritual slaughterhouse and poultry farms are in the Silesian Voivodeship. The company's registered office is in Bytom at Sienna 1 Street. We are a young and dynamically developing company with numerous commercial contacts throughout Poland and the European Union. We specialize only in ritual slaughter of poultry – kosher shechita and halal. We have a slaughterhouse fully equipped for ritual production, which allows plucking poultry feathers without the use of hot water and thermal treatment, and we can cool with air system or shock freeze the final product. We also have our own fleet of vehicles, thanks to which we are able to deliver goods directly to the customer - quickly and safely. We adhere to strict quality standards and follow the traditional precepts of religion. If you have any questions regarding the services we provide, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Mięso z kurczaka


Our Ritual slaughterhouse provides its complete equipment and premises that enable religious groups to produce kosher poultry meat in accordance with the religious principles required in the Talmud and without the use of hot water during the entire plucking process. Sacrificing the animal takes place in sterile conditions and using a sharp, non-serrated knife - Chalef. The shochet cuts the animal's veins in one cut, quickly and without prior stunning, which allows for complete exsanguination - cleaning the meat of the blood. We adhere to the principles of humanitarianism and make sure that animals do not suffer during slaughter. Meat from our plant receives an individual mark in the form of a kosher certificate awarded by the Jewish groups producing in our plant. We have already been trusted by several religious groups from the European Union - we hope that you will be next.


Halal slaughter is a procedure carried out on a conscious animal by a Muslim worker who is facing Mecca and engaged in Muslim prayer. We make sure that the donation of an animal is done with respect for its dignity. In order to be sure that the slaughter will be carried out quickly and painlessly, we use sharp knives with stiff blades - thanks to precise cutting, bleeding occurs very quickly. The correctness of slaughter is supervised by a local religious organization that issues appropriate certificates.

Kurczak i pomidory


We breed and sell broiler chicken for slaughter. We offer live poultry of the highest quality in any weight and the possibility of feeding with fodder, according to the customer's wishes. We are able to conduct sustainable farming without the use of antibiotics. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We are open to establishing cooperation with individual and business clients. We have a large processing capacity, and we are willing to establish long-term cooperation.

Ritual slaughter - humane and accordance with religion