Halal slaughter

Halal, in accordance with Islamic law, is an act of adoration and is done by hand. Sacrificing to Allah is done with strict rules and with the intention of eating well. In order to slaughter small animals - sheep, poultry or cattle - their neck should be cut below the larynx, and the shochet should face Mecca during the entire killing process.

In our plant, we follow the recommendations of Islam and our clients. Slaughter activities are carried out by a slaughterer - a practicing Muslim who has the appropriate qualifications to perform the killing procedure and skillfully uses tools for ritual slaughter. Currently, our clients include Tuna Food GmbH, with which we have been cooperating for three years, and which, thanks to our dry plucking technology, obtains poultry products consumed by the most demanding and restrictive Muslim environments who want to eat meat produced using traditional methods according to the rules prescribed by their religion.


What is Halal ritual slaughter?

We adhere to the principles of humanitarianism, which is why donating an animal is done with respect for its dignity. To avoid stress, pain or broken wings, we use innovative machines that allow the animal to bleed out as humanely as possible. In our work, we use very sharp knives with stiff blades to end the animal's life as quickly as possible. Before each slaughter, the shochet performs a routine sharpening operation. During the process of plucking feathers, we use only cold water, which does not open pores on the animal's skin - so that impurities and bacteria on the feathers or from conventional feather scalding devices do not penetrate the skin. Ready poultry carcasses are cooled by air technology so as to avoid water retention in subcutaneous tissues, thanks to which our meat is dry.

All animals intended for halal undergo examinations performed by veterinary services. Sick or deformed units are not eligible for slaughter. Manual unloading of individual poultry from cages minimizes the stress that occurs in automated slaughterhouses on industrial unloading lines. Moreover, we do not allow them to see the death of predecessors or the knife. Each animal is treated with due respect and in accordance with Muslim law.